MB Wiring Harnes SET – MB

Parts included:
Wire – Blackout Tail Light to Connector (LH)
Harness – Blackout Tail Light to Connector (RH)
Assy. – Wire, Headlight, LH
Assy. – Wire, Headlight, RH
Assy. – Wire, Marker Light, LH
Assy. – Wire, Marker Light, RH
Wire – Ground, Headlight
Wire – Fuel Gauge to Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Wire – Ammeter to Ignition Switch AND Headlight
Wire – Radio Filter “L” to Starter Switch
Wire – Coil Primary to Junction Block
Wire – Radio Filter “R” to Junction Block “L”
Wire – Radio Filter “C” to Junction Block “R”
Wire – Fuel Gauge to Circuit Breaker
Assy. – Wire, H orn to Junction Block
Wire – Generator Regulator to Junction Block
Wire – Coil Primary to Distributor
Assy. – Socket Lamp w/ cable
Assy. – Harness, Wiring, Chassis LH
Harness, Wiring, Body, LH Short
Assy. – Harness, Wiring, Filter
Assy. – Harness, Wiring, Body, Long
Assy. – Harness, Wiring, Body, (Fabric Conduit)
2 Way Connector
3 Way Connector
Wire – Trailer Coupling Socket to Ground
Wire – Blackout Headlight Light to Connector
Wire – Blackout Headlight Connector to Switch
Assy. – Wire, Ground, Blackout Drive Light

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